Air Conditioning Repairs

When an air conditioning unit breaks down, you want to know you can rely on a professional service company to tend to your needs. Whether a home or commercial business, you know you can depend on an AAA Heating & Air Conditioning as your air conditioning repair company because of the professionalism and experience of our contractors.

Our team of experienced professionals are certified in all aspects of air conditioning repairs. All contractors are required to pass a certification test before they work independently. Our team specializes in inspecting air conditioning units for mechanical problems, which include checking for refrigerant leaks and condenser coils.

Common AC Repair Problems – Paducah, KY

A well maintained air conditioner will always run more efficiently. Avoid these common ac problems that cause you to have to repair your air conditioning system. Here is a list of common air conditioning problems:

  • Air conditioning unit stops working and will not turn on
  • Hearing weird noises from the unit itself
  • Air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant
  • Air conditioning unit is leaking water
  • Thermostat says one temperature but a thermometer says another

If you are experiencing any of these air conditioning problems, call your local air conditioning repairs company, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning serving Paducah, Kentucky.

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